The Long Way Around

For the past few years of my life I’ve been in a really long waiting period. Not to say that I haven’t grown or made progress with my job or anything like that, but it seems like the more progress I make in my life, the more I realize that I have to go though a long waiting period to get to the next thing. It would be really easy for me to try and speed up the process and take matters into my own hands, but I’ve learned the hard way that sometimes the way I think things should go isn’t always the best way, and I have to trust God that He knows what He’s doing in my life.

For the longest time I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I got through high school with really good grades and a high GPA, then God totally threw me a curve ball in college that made me have to start all over again, and because of that, it ended up taking me 10 years to finally finish my degree. At the beginning, it was really easy for me to see it as a setback and view it in a negative light. I would think, “Well, if only this hadn’t happened, then I would have my own classroom by now instead of still working on my degree.” It was really easy for me to dwell on that, and I’m not going to lie, I did for a while, but I ultimately decided that dwelling on this was going to do nothing for me. All it was doing was leading me down a bitter road that I wanted nothing to do with, so I decided to get more involved in my church. I decided to start serving others, because when we focus on serving others, suddenly our problems don’t seem so bad; suddenly our lives are put back into prospective, and we realize that it’s not all about us.

Even though I have my degree now, and I’m teaching like I always wanted, I’m still in a waiting period, and some days it seems like I’ve been waiting for forever and I wish I would just get to my destination already, but it’s in those moments I have to remind myself that God has a bigger plan than I can see right now. He knows things that I don’t, which is why He sometimes decides to take us the long way around. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I ended up figuring out a lot of things during that 10 years that I probably would have never figured out had I not gone through all of that. I grew a lot in that period of time, and looking back at those 10 years, I don’t have any regrets because I know that God was with me the whole time guiding me, just like I know He still is during this waiting period I’m going through right now. I may not know when I’ll reach my destination, but I’m learning a lot and cultivating my relationship with Him in the process, and maybe that’s why He’s taking me the long way around. Either way, I know I’ll reach my destination when it’s His perfect timing, and I’m trusting Him to get me there safely.


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