Teacher Brain

So it’s my first week being on summer break, and I’ve been experiencing insomnia. For a teacher during the school year, this isn’t unusual, mostly because we’re constantly thinking about everything we have to do and worrying about our students. This is also true for me on summer break. I’ve tried not to think about everything I have to do to prepare for next year and not think about my students I had this past year, or the students I’m going to have this upcoming school year, but I can’t seem to turn that part of my brain off. Even though this is not an official thing, I have so cleverly dubbed this effect as, “teacher brain”.

Yes, it happens to the best of us. They (being the other teachers I worked with) warned me this would happen my year I was a student teacher. Oh, they told me horror stories of how you don’t get any sleep once you become a teacher, and like the inexperienced and unseasoned new teacher I was, I didn’t believe them, but I can tell you now that the struggle is all too real, people!

Teacher brain is all too real, and not only does it cause insomnia, at times you’re likely to forget things like why you just walked into a room, what day, or even what year it is. You also forget where you put things in your classroom, even if you just had it in your hand.

So, if you ever wonder why teachers act so crazy and forgetful sometimes, it’s because we’re tired and we have teacher brain, but I guess it’s a small price to pay when you love your job.


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